Memory Box for Sister in law Emma

Memory Box for Sister in law Emma

Snowy Day

Snowy Day
Barn in snow with cardinals

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi I'm Doris Dolin and welcome to my endeavor to set up a Blogspot. I call it " Musings" 'cause I seem to ramble a lot, lol. I now live in Tomahawk, Ky. Transplanted from Ravenswood, WV.
We've lived here now for 13 years,

Seems like everyone else is doing Blogs so , why not moi?

Today has been a special day for me. I've been blessed to live to be 80 years YOUNG and in fairly good health, which I thank my God for. I am the last surviving member of a Family of
Mother, Father and seven children. I was the youngest out of seven.
I met my Soul mate in High School and we have been married for 60 years.
He is also my wonderful wood cutter and best encourager of my crafting and painting.

I will try and remember to update this Blog with pictures, musings , etc. from time to time.