Memory Box for Sister in law Emma

Memory Box for Sister in law Emma

Snowy Day

Snowy Day
Barn in snow with cardinals

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I went with my daughter, Melinda to a Garden Party this evening. Fun, I really enjoyed it. There were some lovely things to buy in their catalog, but I'm afraid I don't buy much anymore for decorating my house, etc.

It was in the 60's today. Son came and brought his grandchildren , two boys and two girls, our Great Grandchildren. Had a nice lunch for them and then they went home.

I have two projects I have to do, so maybe now that will motivate me to paint more.
Talk later!

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  1. I had alot of fun at the party also. I like your site, especially the pics of your 2 pretty cats. I will be checking for more pics of your beautiful art. Love Ya!